Tim Coy is a Bay Area-based photographer focused on shooting Architecture and Interiors.

What began as a fun hobby back in the 90s started to take shape in 2011 when he transitioned to working as an assistant for interior and architectural photographers.

These humble beginnings, along with the generosity of his mentors and earned trust from his clients and colleagues, paved the way for a highly rewarding photography career over the past decade.

In his work, Tim incorporates both natural and added light and is driven to capture unique compositions that connect with his clients and their audiences.

Tim works symbiotically with architects, interior designers, developers, and multiple brands to reach their singular objective: that each image tells its best story.

His production process is collaborative throughout, from pre-production to the final retouching. This results in images that feel unforced, yet technically dynamic, and that highlight every desired detail.

When he isn’t hidden behind the lens, you can find Tim exploring and relaxing at different locales with his wife, dog, and extended family, which may or may not involve some cocktails by a body of water.